“Out Of The Past.”

This project started out as a way to explore the film noir and Hollywood glamour techniques of the 1920s-1940s. I knew early on that I did not want to simply emulate the look. I wanted to forge into this project a sense of the world around me. As New Years Eve 2019 approached I wanted to make a project that celebrated the work and wisdom of the past while pushing forward into the future with the hope of change, progress, diversity, and acceptance. I see in my friends not only the embodiment of these aims, but the tireless journey they’ve inherited as they acknowledge the sins of our past.

We seek not to return to the past but to learn from it and create a future for us all.

-A personal project using techniques and materials from the early 20th century in combination with modern day technology and aesthetic. All photos were shot on film and edited using Capture One.

Make up by Dess.

Hairstyling by Natalia